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The main components of LPG are propane, butane or the mixture of propane and butane. It is gas under the ambient temperature and pressure but it can be liquefied after being pressurized. The storage of LPG in the steel cylinder is liquid compressed from gas under high pressure.
There are two sources of LPG, one is separated from natural gas, and another one is by-product from refinery. It is mainly used for household and industrial fuel.
Taiwan domestic LPG market is opened from 1999. There are 4 company including FPCC, CPC, LCY Chemical and Ming-Xing Chemical who supply the domestic market by importing or self-producing LPG.
Out of these 4 companies, our company and CPC are all capable to import full refrigerated (liquefied) propane and butane which can be vaporized and blended with self-producing LPG for the sale in the market.
Other companies only import LPG from time to time depending on international price.