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Diesel is mainly used as fuel for vehicles and machineries, as well as in power generation. FPCC’s diesel has the following characteristics:

1. Cetane index of c.50-53 – cetane index is a measurement of combustibility of the diesel; a higher cetane index means easier ignition which allows a smoother cold-start.
2. Low pour point – favorable for cold-start/cold-flowing, and working well with injector.
3. Low sulfur content of below 10ppm, therefore preventing the formation of corrosive sulfuric acid compounds and avoiding the poisoning of catalyst.
4. Prevention of carbon deposit at the injector with an optimal amount of detergent additive.
5. Non-corrosive to engine and other parts with the addition of corrosion inhibitor.
6. Addition of bio-diesel, which complies with the national standard and helps reduce air pollution.