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Gasoline is mainly used as fuel for vehicles and machineries. Major components of FPCC’s gasoline include pyrolysis gasoline, alkylation, and MTBE. Our gasoline product has the following characteristics:

High octane value with very little difference between RON (Research Octane Number) and MON (Motor Octane Value) – thus providing good anti-knocking ability to vehicles under both high-speed and low-speed situations.

Optimal volatility – can fully vaporize and mix with air, leading to a more complete combustion and less pollution from exhaust emission while reducing fuel consumption.

Gasoline components are well distributed – allowing easy cold-start and good acceleration ability for the engine.

Low aromatic content – preventing deposit formation in the engine.

Low level of carcinogenic aromatic compounds, hence reducing the air pollution problem.

Good acceleration ability, power delivery and stability.

Sulfur content is kept below 10ppm, meeting the Taiwan gasoline standard (which is effective from 2012).