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FPCC Board of Directors approved the convening of the 2023 Annual Shareholders' Meeting

1.Date of the board of directors' resolution:2023/02/24
2.Shareholders meeting date:2023/05/25
3.Shareholders meeting location:
ILLUME TAIPEI: No.100 Dun Hua North Road, Taipei, Taiwan.
4.Shareholders' meeting will be held by means of (physical shareholders'meeting/ hybrid shareholders' meeting /
virtual-only shareholders' meeting):
physical shareholders' meeting
5.Cause for convening the meeting (1)Reported matters:
a.2022 Business Report
b.Audit Committee's Review Report on the 2022 Financial Statements
c.Distribution of 2022 Employees Compensation
d.Distribution of 2022 Cash Dividend
6.Cause for convening the meeting (2)Acknowledged matters:
a.To approve the 2022 Business Report and Financial
Statements as required by the Company Act.
b.To approve the Proposal for Distribution of 2022 Profits
as required by the Company Act.
7.Cause for convening the meeting (3)Matters for Discussion:None
8.Cause for convening the meeting (4)Election matters:None
9.Cause for convening the meeting (5)Other Proposals:None
10.Cause for convening the meeting (6)Extemporary Motions:None
11.Book closure starting date:2023/03/27
12.Book closure ending date:2023/05/25
13.Any other matters that need to be specified:
According to No.172-1 of Company Act, shareholders could submit proposals from 2023/03/22 to 2023/03/31.

(FPCC, Feb.24, 2022)

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