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Stakeholder Rights

In addition to the continual pursuit of competitiveness and profits, our firm seeks to complete the mission of "caring for employees, servicing clients and giving back to shareholders". As such, we have a responsibility for taking good care of shareholders, customers, suppliers and contractors, employees and the society as a whole. Apart from the strict conformation to laws and business ethics, we aim to enhance our competitiveness and create shareholder value by gearing to the international standards. Moreover, we will provide customers with a stable supply of superior products. On top of the abovementioned points, we hope to put equal emphasis on industrial development and environmental protection and promote green architecture, green energy raw materials and products as well as tree-planting, directing towards the transformation into an ecological industrial park. Lastly, we will take all kinds of social issues seriously and actively participate in community and charity services, making our society a better place.

Our company attaches great importance to protecting the legitimate rights of our customers. Therefore, we have created web pages such as "introduction of our products" and "oil price bulletin board" on our company website. Those web pages are designed to inform customers of product-related news and clear up false rumors so that customer rights can be well protected.

Communication Channels

Our firm has established a spokesman and a deputy spokesman to ensure there is an efficient external communication channel. In addition, our company website has telephone and email contact areas specially attended by our employees to provide another communication channel for stakeholders. 

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Stakeholders can also communicate with us via our business sectors, including sales department, finance department and purchasing department, which have functioned smoothly throughout the years for business operations.