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Formosa Plastics Group was founded in 1954.

The group's extensive business family includes Formosa Plastics, Nan Ya Plastics, Formosa Chemical & Fibers, Formosa Petrochemical, and over 100 other domestic and international businesses involved in industries ranging from oil refining, petrochemicals, plastics, fibers, textiles, electronics, energy, transportation, machinery, healthcare and biotech. FPG today employs over 116 thousand. The group is capitalized at $863 billion, owns over 4,314 billion NT dollars in assets and, in 2022, saw revenues $2,597 billion.

Diversified and Globalized Enterprises

With over 60 years of development, FPG has established a steady base and started to operate diversified and globalized enterprises. Except for our solid strength in petrochemical industry, we also built up a successful development in electronics industry. Looking forward, we embrace the world with roots in Taiwan. Committed to sustainable business development as well as social health and prosperity, we will continue in our work to build a better tomorrow for all.


(FPCC, Dec.30, 2022)