Engery & TechnologyProcedure of Quality Control

Procedure of Quality Control

Crude Oil Import

Process of
Quality Control

Delivery of
Petroleum Products

Quality Control for
Storage and Delivery

Quality Control
in Gas Station

Crude oil import

Evaluation of Crude oil, Evaluation of Catalyst

Process of Quality Control

— Oil refining / Oil purifying / Blending

Engine Test, Evaluation of Additive, Vehicle function test, Dirt deposits on Test board and chassis power test, Power test, Blending test, Vehicle performance test

Delivery of petroleum products

CNS standard qualified / Be Qualified and inspected by BSMI

Qualified in all standard, Vehicle and engine testing are complied with standard, Pass the filter and dehydrator to ensure the quality before delivery, Random test irregularly of Gasoline and diesel tank

Quality Control for Storage and Delivery

Specified tanker for gasoline or diesel, Examination before transportation, Lead sealing before delivery, Tanker routes are monitored by GPS

Quality Control in Gas Station

Sampling once tanker arrived, Random test regularly, Random test irregularly