Brief Introduction

Established Date: Apr.12,1996.

History of Development:
Since 1990, the power supply had been shortage in Taiwan, especially during summer time. In order to meet the increasing power demand , the Ministry of Economic Affairs opened the market to the private independent power producers (IPPs) in 1995 .

In response to the government policy of private independent power plant, Formosa Plastics Corp.(FPC), Nan-Ta Plastics Corp.(NPC), Formosa Chemical-Fiber Corp.(FCFC) and Formosa Petrochemical Corp.(FPCC) co-invested and established a new company, Mai-Liao Power Corporation on April 12th,1996. Mai-Liao Power Corporation (MPC)  gained the contract of 1,800MW capacity and became the biggest IPP in Taiwan.

Commissioning date:FP1 was on June 1st,1999. FP2 was on September 9th,1999. FP3 was on September 23th,2000.


Plant Features

  1. Mai-Liao Power Plant locates in Formosa Mai-Liao Industrial Park and occupies 870,000 square meters. The service facilities inside the park is well done.
  2. Mai-Liao Industrial Park was built on reclaimed land which originally belonged to sea.
  3. The park owns the Mai-Liao Industrial Port, which is the only port in the country that is capable of harboring the 180,000-ton coal freighters. Thus, it drastically cuts the coal transportation costs.
  4. The cooling water necessary for the power plant operation is acquired from the deep sea inside the harbor. The circulated warm water is introduced back into the sea outside the harbor to ensure the plant receives continuous cold water supply and ensure the power efficiency. By that, the industrial water could be reduced 200,000 T/D.

Boiler & Turbine

MPC units are designed by supercritical system, and the operation and temperature is higher than other sub-critical units in the country. The system makes higher efficiency and lower pollution. The quantity of CO2 emission could be reduced 1 million Ton/year.

刑式 輻射再熱式超臨界壓力貫流鍋爐
壓力、溫度 272KG/CM2、538°C
蒸發量 (MCR) 1,950 T/H
型式 單軸多段反動四機殼再熱冷凝式
額定出力 600,000 KW
壓力、溫度 主蒸氣遮斷閥入口 264 KG/CM2a、538°C
再熱蒸氣遮斷閥入口 41.4 KG/CM2a、566°C
額定轉速 3,600 rpm
型式 全密閉氫冷氣
額定容量 706,000 KVA
功率因素 0.85 (延遲)
端電壓 18.5 KV
頻率 60 HZ

Low NOx burner

Low NOx burner and tangential firing system make lower NOx generation and also reduce the NOx content inside flue gas.

Efficiently Pollutants Control


De-NOx system – Using Slective Catalyst Reaction (SCR) to reduce the NOx content.


De-Sox system – Flue gas de-sulfur system, the total efficiency is higher than 95%.


Electrostatic Precipitator de-dust efficiency is higher than 99.85.

Indoor coal storage yard

Using indoor-type coal storage yard and automatic conveying system to prevent the coal dust polluted, and rainwater impact is prevented to maximize combustion efficiency.

Ash processing system

Fly ash
fly ash generated from combustion and collected by ESP then transfer to fly ash silo for storage. Fly ash can be mixed with concrete for civil work.

Bottom ash
bottom ash generated from combustion and transfer to the pool or recycled by qualified sub-vender for road base material.

ISO Certification

Granted ISO 9001/2000 certification on June 28th,2001.

Granted ISO 14001/1996 certification on December 2nd,2001.

Granted OHSAS 18001 certification on November 28th,2007.

Granted TOSHMS certification on November 17th,2008.

Vision of MPC

We are making our best for the social responsibility and environmental quality control.
The flue gas concentration after the stack can be far below the national emission regulation value.
We are proud to supply abundant and clean energy to the public and establish the model for the coal power plants.

Head Office: No.1-1 Formosa Industrial Park, MaiLiao, Yunlin County, Taiwan  TEL: (05) 681-2345
Plant: No.7 Formosa Industrial Park, MaiLiao, Yunlin County, Taiwan  TEL: (05) 681-2345
Taipei Office: No.201 Tun Hwa N. Road Taipei, Taiwan    TEL: (02) 2712-2211