As one of the largest private enterprises in Taiwan, the Formosa Plastics Group is aware of its responsibility to the public, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers, employees, and the Government. Besides for pursuing competitiveness and profits, we maintain a high standard of ethics, taking, as its starting point, actions that will ultimately benefit society.

To fulfills our responsibility towards the public, to provide employees with stable employment and good quality of life, to provide shareholders with confidence and reasonable profits, and to provide customers with a stable supply of superior products and quality service. All these beliefs, to strive for excellence and to satisfy social responsibility, have driven us to pursue continual advancement while making efficient use of limited social and natural resources. Our efforts in environmental protection and community have provided strong societal support and remain a positive force for growth.

We are continuing to uphold the founding philosophy of diligence and frugality to seek constant advancement in our company's management, workforce health and safety, environmental protection, and society's welfare to fulfill our promise to the public and the Government.

CSR Reports
2016 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2015 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report